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Fantasy football video: Discussing Larry Fitzgerald and his fantasy worth in 2013

The ESPN talking heads, including Matthew Berry don't agree on how the superstar Cardinals receiver will do for fantasy football owners in 2013.

We love Larry Fitzgerald. He has, though, been a disappointment when it comes to fantasy football the past couple of years. Matthew Berry and others from ESPN got together and discussed the possibility that he would have a big bounce back year in terms of fantasy points.

In 2008, he put up 210 fantasy points, but that has fallen to 99 points in 2012. Of course, that has a lot to do with the quagmire of filth that was the quarterback situation.

Berry believes that Fitz will perform much like Reggie Wayne did last season, stating that he feels that Fitz is a better player than Wayne. However, he is not too keen on Carson Palmer, although he likes him more than the foolish 2012 QB quartet.

"As poor as Carson Palmer is in real life NFL quarterbackness, he's still an upgrade, to me, over what they had last year," Berry said.

Cardinals fans will likely take offense to this, especially with how head coach Bruce Arians has talked about Palmer.

Interesting fact: Palmer had the league's fourth best completion percentage under pressure.

Another stab at Palmer? "No one likes to throw more into double and triple coverage than Carson Palmer."

This, of course, could bring great results, considering the trio of receivers he has to throw to this season (Fitz, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts).

How bad was it for Fitz last year? He only had two catchable balls thrown over 20 yards to him.

The roundtable did not all agree on Fitz, though. Chirs Harris threw cold water on it, bashing the overall offense of the Cardinals, pointing out the questions there still are. Harris believes that Palmer is only marginally better than Kolb, calling Palmer a "less than competent down the field quarterback."

Arians disagrees, which causes us to all disagree. Arians is in love with Palmer's down field throwing. So is Steve Keim. Either they are really bad at judgement, are telling a huge lie or maybe these fantasy people just don't know because they have anti-Raiders bias (which is understandable considering how bad they were in 2012).

The ESPN projections for Fitz are 79 catches, 1256 yards and seven touchdowns, good for a total of 167 fantasy points.

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