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Daryl Wahington arrested for domestic violence

The Cardinals linebacker facing some serious charges


The offseason continues to be a difficult one for Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl linebacker Daryl Washington. After being sought by the police as of Wednesday evening regarding an investigation of a domestic disturbance, Washington has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, as was reported by FOX 10 Phoenix.

On Wednesday, Washington's ex-girlfriend accused him of choking her and she reportedly had marks on her neck.

This whole situation seems to stem from a conflict between the two dealing with a child they have together. According to court records, she has not let Washington see his baby. In a motion filed by Washington he claims, she's "making demands for money in return for parenting time."

The FOX 10 report tells us that there was a text message exchange between the two.

Washington: "Looking forward to seeing my baby tomorrow."

Baby's mother: "Not at my house..."

Washington: "That's fine I will come pick her up. Cool with you? My mom wants to see her."

Baby's mother: "Nope sorry we're busy."

With an arrest being made, this does not look good. He is being held on $4200 bond. However, as the team has said it will not comment on the situation, while it does not look good for him (or us, as we admire him and what he does on the football field), we do not have all the facts and need to let the legal process run its course.