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Arizona Cardinals WR Ryan Swope reportedly still with lingering effects from concussions

The rookie receiver suffered from concussions in college


When the Arizona Cardinals drafted wide receiver Ryan Swope in the sixth round, there was one major concern -- he had had multiple concussions while at Texas A&M. While he has been adamant about the fact that he never missed a game because of it, reportedly he is suffering still to some extent from them.

Teammate Larry Fitzgerald was on SiriusXM radio (via Mike Sando's ESPN NFC West blog) and indicated that Swope has missed practice time during OTAs working through lingering effects from the concussions he suffered in college.

This is worrisome to some extent. We saw how Kevin Kolb took months to feel better. He didn't suffer one again last season, but there were and still are questions about his durability. If you are familiar with local sports here, you may recall Steven Threet, a quarterback at Arizona State. After suffering lingering effects from a concussion he suffered in 2010 going into spring ball in 2011, he retired from football completely.

The good thing for now is the fact that we are still months away from even training camp. However, the fact that he could be having issues now only brings more attention to concerns of his own durability.

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