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Arizona Cardinals receive two players with selection of Stepfan Taylor

Move over Superman and Snoop Dog, Kulabafi is Taylor's alter ego to Clark Kent and Calvin Broadus, Jr.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


It would be cool to see it stitched across the back of the Arizona Cardinals' 5th round draft choice Stepfan Taylor's jersey showing his collegiate alternative personality, kinda like former XFL player Rod Smart's pseudonym, HeHateMe. But, I don't think the league which fines players for uneven or mismatched socks and oversells unilateral conformity, would agree to a nickname.

But Kulabafi IS Stepfan Taylor. It's as much him as the Stanford Cardinals running back that set career records for yards and touchdowns. It's the guy that ran for more 100 yard games in Cardinal history and was last season's Doak Walker finalist for the best collegiate back and Rose Bowl offensive player. In fact, the character is so intertwined with Taylor that he uses it as his Twitter name (has a cool picture with Barry Sanders on it) and has already patented the phrase for a clothing line.

What is this Kulabafi? Evidently, the mild mannered Taylor likes to take his glasses off in a phone booth (what is a phone booth?) and emerge with a larger-than-life character that enjoys dancing, singing and just having plain fun. He says the name originated when he a friend were rapping and he poetically asked, "You can't mess with me - I'm Kulabafi !" and the name stuck. He and his Stanford teammates have made a series of videos and posted them on YouTube - and while they don't make me say "WOW!" like the Adrian Wilson/Justin Bethel leaps or even the Jess Root "Kate Upton's (assets) are everywhere" video - which I still can't find - they're charming and amusing and shows the kid has a personality off the field.

So, while the panama hat, sunglasses with name imprinted, leopard shirt wearing entertainer might not be everyone's cup of tea, that would sure be a cool jersey to buy.