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2013 NFL betting lines: Arizona Cardinals never favored by Vegas in 2013

Vegas is not believing in Arizona yet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After a 5-11 season in 2012, the public perception of the Arizona Cardinals has returned to the status they had before Ken Whisenhunt was hired. In essence, they are losers. Despite hiring the NFL's reigning Coach of the Year, trading for an established quarterback and putting together a draft class that many are calling among the league's best, they are still not getting love.

Well, in Vegas they aren't getting any love.

Recently released were the initial betting lines for all the NFL games for the first 16 weeks of the NFL schedules. In those 16 weeks and 15 games for the Cardinals, they are not favored even once.

Let's look at the schedule for the Cards.

Week 1: @ Rams, 4.5 point underdogs

Week 2: vs Lions, 2.5 underdogs

Week 3: @ Saints, 7.5 point underdogs

Week 4: @ Buccaneers, 4.5 point underdogs

Week 5: vs Panthers, 1.5 point underdogs (getting close)

Week 6: @ 49ers, 10 point underdogs

Week 7: vs Seahawks, 7 point underdogs

Week 8: vs Falcons, 4 point underdogs

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs, Texans, 3 point underdogs

Week 11: @ Jags, pick'em (no favorite)

Week 12: vs. Colts, pick'em (no favorite)

Week 13: @ Eagles, 4 point underdogs

Week 14: vs Rams, pick'em (no favorite)

Week 15: @ Titans, 1 point underdogs

Week 16: @ Seahawks, 8.5 point underdogs

Things that go against the Cards? They are not a nationally popular team, which means that there is not much "public" money going for them, which means you have to create an incentive for bettors to go on the Cards' side. That means keeping them down.

Of course, three straight seasons with long losing streaks and bad quarterback play certainly contribute.

Knowing this, are you surprised? Are there any games that you look at as good games to place a wager in favor of the Cards?

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