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2013 NFL free agents: Former Arizona Cardinals Adam Snyder, Brandon Keith sign with other teams

It proves that a lineman cut by the Cardinals can, in fact, find work again.

Ezra Shaw

Something surprising happened on Monday. In fact, two surprising things happened. Two offensive linemen that were not good enough to be on the Arizona Cardinals and their terrible offensive line have found jobs elsewhere.

Guard Adam Snyder, whom the Cardinals recently released, has rejoined the San Francisco 49ers, where he played previous to signing a five-year free agent contract with Arizona last offseason, to a two-year contract.

The more surprising signing was Brandon Keith, who did not play football in 2012. The former seventh round pick of the Cardinals and starting right tackle during two seasons signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

Keith was a free agent after 2011 and was not brought back after statistically being one of the worst right tackles in the league.

Snyder was one of the lowest rated guards in football last season, but his versatility do make him a valuable backup because he can play anywhere on the line, including center, where he played for the first time last season at the end of the year.

Why are these moves somewhat surprising? By simple logic. If you have arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL and there are players that aren't good enough to play on that line, it is reasonable to think that they might not land elsewhere, especially when one goes unsigned for an entire year.

We wish both Snyder and Keith the best...and hope somehow that Snyder plays when the Cards face the Niners. We know that he can be beat. Playing against Keith will be unlikely. That would mean facing the Vikings in the playoffs and Keith getting playing time. I suppose that could happen.

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