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Afternoon open thread: NFL football or college football?

This gets debated a lot. Clearly we think the NFL is better, but why do we think that?

In the slower part of the offseason, we try to give you things to discuss. A potentially good one to discuss was the focus of the most recent SB Nations Studios production of "Uffsides." Host Matt Ufford brings in college football guy Spencer Hall and they discuss the sometimes contentious debate between college and pro football.

As a bunch of Arizona Cardinals fans, we clearly prefer the pro game. The NFL is a superior brand of football. However, if you are also a college fan, there are things about that brand of football that is just exciting.

The video goes over the reasons why one fanbase claims to have the better football or better football experience.

I personally love both. I can turn on any college game and get sucked in. NFL games, too.

I like the quality of football better in the NFL, but the college games are more fun because of the unpredictability.

Take a look at the video and hear what they have to say. Or don't watch and just chat here about why you love one over the other...or whether you prefer football bigamy.

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