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ROTB Roundtable: Daryl Washington, Karlos Dansby, and Training Camp

It's been a news-filled week for the Arizona Cardinals.


The ROTB Writing Staff tackled three newly arisen issues surrounding the team.

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1) What is the best approach to the recent Daryl Washington episode?

Jesse Reynolds: Wait and see. Without all the details it's hard to say. Right now it isn't looking good for Washington, he may not see that 10 million dollar bonus.

Alex Mann: No one but D-Wash has all the answers nor the truth, so we can't do anything but wait and watch.

Jess Root: The only thing you can do now is wait and see. Once something actually happens, that is when to do something. In the meantime, I like they are looking to perhaps replace him just on case he isn't able to play this season. It also sends a message that he can be replaced.

AndyStandsUp: IMO, most fans overreacted. While serious allegations, you have to let the legal process play out and in most instances, like the Joey Porter case a few off seasons ago, it's much ado about nothing - and this may not even reach a resolution before the season starts. And, while Goodell has been all over the place in handing out suspensions - I just don't figure he would be gone for the season - even if convicted.

D.L. Parsons:
Even if you are a pro football player, you are still innocent until proven guilty. All we have right now are allegations. Once a charge has been proven, and he has been convicted, THEN we can talk about action. If convicted, D-Wash should be made an example of. He should not be given preferential treatment because of his celebrity status. If he gets prison time, he should be cut outright. If he beats the charges, then he should be able to resume his job, just like any other person.

2) The team has brought back veteran LB Karlos Dansby for a visit with the team. Do you think the team should sign him, and if not, is there anyone else at the LB position that you think the team should look at?

Jess Reynolds:
Depends on his cost. If he will sign cheap than I'm okay with it however I feel our depth is okay.

Alex Mann:
It comes down to how much he wants and for how many years. I think Keim and Arians will go into this with a year maybe two in mind with a smaller contract. Whether or not Dansby is up for it will be seen.

Jess Root:
Dansby is a good fit. Urlacher also is, but he has only played a 4-3 scheme. If not Dansby, I am comfortable with who is already on the roster.

If the price is right, then yeah. (That would be a nice blog concept.) But I find it hard to believe that Dansby will sign at a reduced rate, even with the market drying up. That being said - if the front office knows something that will keep Washington off the team for a longer than expected time and with the means they currently have under the salary cap - it would behoove them to take a player of his caliber.

D.L. Parsons:
I actually called for this in one of my Armchair General Manager columns. I continue to think that Dansby is still a good player. And his part deux with the Cardinals may lead to greater things for him. Besides, I would take less money to not have to play in subzero weather 6-8 games a year.

3) The Cardinals have been entertaining a few proposals that would move the annual Training Camp from its traditional place in Flagstaff. Where do you think it should be held?

Jesse Reynolds:
I love the Flagstaff camp but I can see why they're going to move it. I hope it's moved to Tempe so I don't have to drive far haha.

Alex Mann:
Wherever it goes I'll be there. I have no opposition to it being anywhere and will miss Flagstaff tremendously.

Jess Root:
Since Tempe is not a good option because their facility is but equipped with space for fans and Flagstaff is out of the picture, Glendale had to be it, although I personally would love for Prescott to somehow emerge again.

From what I'm reading, it's Glendale's to lose.God, I'll miss Flag though. Being a Northern AZer, it was the most convenient way to see the team and the atmosphere and surroundings were unparalleled. But just like Lloyd Christmas and the Samsonite Lady, I understand there's still a chance.If that falters, I also like the Prescott option for a year before it permanently lands at UPHO. They'tve done it before, have the necessary fields and rooms, temperatures are a little cooler and they can use the Prescott Valley convention in inclement weather. The arena has been dying for revenues and has hosted sub-Arena Football league teams in the past. Problem is, I've heard zilch talk about it in my own backyard.

D.L. Parsons: I wish that the Cardinals would have not put such a high price on their return to Flagstaff. Like Jess, I wish that somehow Prescott could slip in and snatch victory from the jaws of death.