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The Mount Rushmore of the Cardinals

If you, the fan, had to choose the most influential Arizona Cardinals of all time - who would they be?


Don't know how SB Nation feels about linking competitor sites, (I must have missed that meeting) but that toupee guy that runs ProFootBallTalk , Mike Florio is running a series of articles in which team's fans will be asked to provide nominees in which they deem their club's four most influential players that would have taken place of the presidential carved-into-the mountain spectacle in South Dakota. They can be players, coaches, scouts, front office people, mascots, ROTB writers, etc.... that you feel should be recognized as the face(s) of the franchise.

And while the NFL guy most associated with a bad hairline since Howard Cossell has unexpectedly started with the NFC East teams (surprise!) eventually it will get back to the Cardinals.

So, brainstorming some ideas, Cardinal fans (and I'm thinking it's not AZ-specific, it's franchise) - who would fill your Mount Rushmore?