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Arizona Cardinals building practice bubble with no public funds

But no need to worry about training camp being held there...for now

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As long as the Arizona Cardinals have been in Arizona, they have had the reputation of being cheap as an organization. For fans like those who actively participate in this community, they know this is no longer the truth. They have done many things to show that they are willing to spend what they need to in order to put the team in the best position to win.

The latest such move is the news that the team will construct a $4.2 million practice bubble at the team headquarters in Tempe. The project is being funded completely by the team.

This is something that has been desired by players and coaches for a very long time.

One concern that fans may have with the news is that with a climate controlled practice field the team would be willing to hold training camp there. As of right now, the venue for 2013 training camp is undetermined. Flagstaff is out, but there has been no news about whether a deal has been struck to hold it in Glendale.

A team spokesman said that the new facility is "not being contemplated" as a site for camp, but that the team believes that the new field will be beneficial to the team because of the heat of the summer months. During the hottest afternoons, the team will sometimes use Arizona State's bubble.

Training in Tempe "would preclude open practices for fans which we feel is an important part of training camp," said Mark Dalton, the team's vice president for media relations.

Naturally, this could change with time, but there is no need to worry about the team holding camp somewhere where fans cannot attend.

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