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Arizona Cardinals get more salary cap room from the calendar

It's June, and as such the Cardinals get $3 million more cap space.


Just like that, the Arizona Cardinals added $3 million of salary cap space. They didn't even have to make a roster move or renegotiate a contract. It's June 1, which means that $3 million of the cap hit caused by releasing guard Adam Snyder gets pushed into the 2014 league year.

League rules allow teams to designate up to two players they release to have their cap hit spread over two seasons. The Cardinals, who have a ton of dead money against this year's cap as a result of cutting players like Kevin Kolb, Kerry Rhodes and others, chose to split up Snyder's hit.

Where does that put the Cards right now with the cap?

According to ESPN's John Clayton, before the June 1 relief, the Cards were $8.272 million under the salary cap. If this figure is true, then Arizona has over $11 million in cap space, using the top 51 contracts on the roster.

Quick update and correction: According to the CBA, the cap savings and room actually take effect tomorrow, June 2. But it doesn't really matter since there are no transactions on the weekends for the league.

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