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Arizona Cardinals undrafted rookie Padric Scott is a renaissance man

The undrafted free agent from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has other interests other than being a NFL nose tackle.


Last week I posted a speculative article about the final possible 53 players making the team. And one of the guys that I gave no love to -- that comments pointed out that I should have -- was Padric Scott, the unrestricted DL free agent from the MEAC. And since I wanted to see how it feels to be a writer that actually researches before he composes, I spent hours upon minutes in dragging up some two interviews with the athlete. (One that has been on ROTB's FanShots for over a month. Jess, you need to find a way to give that section more prominence.)

And from what I read, I'm impressed not only with what he could bring to the field, but what he does off the field. He appears to be a well rounded, grounded young man.

For instance, did you know that he graduated from FAMU cum laude with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology? All the while fighting the "dumb jock" stereotype?

"To me that stereotype is just ignorant, because I feel I can step into any classroom across America and standout. To be honest, school has been the easiest obstacle on my plate. It took much more time and effort to place into my football craft than it did school because I was blessed with critical thinking skills and a photographic memory. I graduated from FAMU Cum Laude with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and that was while balancing a full load of football day and night. Currently my grad school GPA sits at 3.8 so I could never understand how one could simply call someone "not smart" because they were blessed with the ability to play football. I find it funny when people are shocked when they here my academic accolades, because you already know it's because they've labeled you as a "dumb jock" at first glance. People should never judge a book by its cover. My parents raised me to excel at everything I do, with school coming first growing up or I wouldn't have been allowed to play. So for me in my mind I wanted to be the best at everything, not just one walk of my life."

Or that after high school he initially enrolled at Stanford, only to leave because of differences between him and then coach Jim Harbaugh? A player having difficulty with the always relaxed, pleasant future Niner coach? Nah.

How about that his favorite quote is from inspirational guru, Anthony Robbins? - "It’s been said that there are only two pains in life, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, and that discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons." And that's he's deeply religious and that the passing of his grandmother on the day after Christmas in 2011 was the most tragic thing that has ever happened to him and only his faith helped him through?

Did you know he's a game tape demon and was double and tripled team throughout college?

"I was double teamed about 85% of the time, the rest I was triple teamed or faced slide protection on pass plays. Offensive Coordinators would game plan for me. I know this because after games OC's and head coaches would come find me and tell me so. That's the point of the 3-4. You want a dominant nose tackle who draws the attention of the offensive line freeing up linebackers like Brandon Hepburn to come in and make plays."

And that he's hungry to make the roster?

"I bring a hard nosed, physical specimen whose going to be an anchor in stopping the run and collapsing the pocket. They are getting someone whose always been at the bottom as an underdog who knows only how to fight to the top. Someone whose hungry, grateful, humble, and ready to contribute in any way possible in order to improve the organization."

Asked to fill in the blank for "Come July 2013 I will be ____?" he answered: "Come July 2013, I will be competing for a roster spot and starting job in the NFL."

Finally, if for nothing else you have to like the guy for this response:

If you could describe yourself as any ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

"Cookies and cream because it is my favorite, and probably is the toughest to chew of all other ice creams as the rest are just plain soft."

Yep. David Carter and Dan Williams better take notice. Only Frostee Rucker has no worries.