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Arizona Cardinals offseason: O'Brien Schofield says team has lacked detail, directness in the past

While a guest on TV, the Cardinals linebacker comments on the new coaching staff.

Whitney Curtis

Bruce Arians and the new coaching staff has a new energy around the team. The fans feel it and the players do, too. Linebacker O'Brien Schofield was on FOX 10 Sports Night with host Jude LaCava and as part of his interview, he commented on Arians and something that might shed a little light on the difference between him and his predecessor, Ken Whisenhunt.

When asked about Arians, Schofield said, "He's very precise about what he wants, and he's very direct, very detailed, and that's something we've lacked in the past."

Now, at face value, you take away from the comment the idea that Ken Whisenhunt was not precise, direct or detailed.

Can we truly assume this? Probably not completely.

It is completely normal, when you get on board with new leaders, to view them in a much better light that the previous staff. Arians is one thing. He is very direct with his players, meaning that he will rip them apart on the practice field. He doesn't mince words.

Whisenhunt, while we have seen a few instances where he has lost it, was more subdued. You never saw him lose his cool on the practice field. That doesn't mean that he didn't pay attention to detail, but it is different.

Arians is probably much more like the coaches these players have had all their lives -- vocal, demanding coaches like they had in high school and college.

However, there is one thing that you also notice in other comments Schofield makes, but this time talking more about the defensive staff.

"It feels good to have a new coaching staff and a new linebacker coach that has played," said Schofield. "He's very detailed. I love it, just to get the chance to learn to play the position."

Who is that linebacker coach? The coach over all the linebackers is Mike Caldwell, who played in the NFL for 11 years. Schofield's group coach, over the outside linebackers, is James Bettcher, but he did not play in the NFL.

Last year's linebacker coach was Matt Raich. He played in college, but never in the NFL.

Based on Schofield's comments, he is being taught more than before than while Ray Horton or Billy Davis was running the defensive side of the ball.

We have read in many occasions how Arians has put together a staff of teachers.

Schofield is one of many players who need to make an impact in 2013. His contract is up at the end of the season and is at a position that needs production.

Will the supposed difference in coaching styles make a difference for him? That is yet to be seen. At least for now, we know that there is a different energy.

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