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Carson Palmer sees Troy Polamalu in Tryann Mathieu

The third round pick for the Cardinals would get the steal of the draft if the comparison is true.


The one draft pick that has gotten a lot of attention for the Arizona Cardinals is third round selection Tyrann Mathieu. He is still getting attention, and no one is even wearing pads.

Peter King observed at one of Arizona's OTA practices how Mathieu "was buzzing around plays." He also got an interesting quote about the rookie from starting quarterback Carson Palmer.

"He reminds of Troy Polamalu with his closing speed,'' said Palmer. "He might not be the fastest guy out there, but he can change directions and get to the ball really fast, like Troy.''

Polalalu, like Mathieu, is on the slighter side of things when it comes to physical stature. At 5-10, 207, Polamalu is only an inch taller than Mathieu, but Mathieu weighs only 186. However, if Mathieu can play in the pros the way he did at LSU, the instincts and the ball skills to be in the same conversation as Polamalu.

If Mathieu is like Polamalu, that is GREAT. Polamalu has been arguably the most important player on one of the best defenses in the NFL. Take him out and the Pittsburgh defense just is not the same.

Clearly it is too early to really start making comparisons like that, but Palmer would be the guy that could see it. While a Bengal, he faced Polamalu twice a year for several seasons.

Just another reason to get a little excited.

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