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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: Nate Potter plays right tackle with first team

The second year tackle getting some time with the starters


At Fan Fest 2013 on Tuesday night, one of the observations I made was that Nate Potter and Bobby Massie both bounced between the first and second teams. Most of the time, it was Massie playing right tackle with the first team, as he played all last season. However, he also saw time with the second team at left tackle, while Potter, who normally runs with the second team at left tackle, saw some reps with the first team at right tackle.

When asked about it after practice, Bruce Arians downplayed the situation. "We'll rotate them," he said. "Everybody's got to swing. All those guys have to swing. We'll swing them all camp." (Insert moderately inappropriate joke here.)

Potter has gotten specific praise from Arians in other instances, but one thing is becoming rather clear about the offensive line -- he expects his players to be flexible and be able to play multiple positions, or at least have enough reps to be familiar enough to step in at another position in a pinch.

Daryn Colledge, who has moved from left guard to right guard, will see time at center during training camp. The team leadership has mentioned both Massie and Potter possibly playing inside.

If there is another observation to be made, it is that with Massie and Potter both moving around, one player that has not is Levi Brown thus far. Arians has used the word "elite" a couple of times to describe the much-maligned tackle. It seems to be that he is serious about Brown being his guy at left tackle. Things may change as we get closer to training camp, which will be held in Glendale at University of Phoenix Stadium, but positional flexibility and Brown at left tackle seem to be a couple of themes for this year's line.

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