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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: No weight issues this year for Dan Williams

Bruce Arians says that he has lost a lot of weight.


One thing that seemed to be a yearly discussion for the past few offseasons is the weight of defensive tackle Dan Williams. He has struggled a bit with his weight and conditioning in years past, in many cases coming on strong later in the season.

Apparently, this is not an issue this time around.

"Dan's lost a ton of weight," said Bruce Arians after practice on Tuesday night in Glendale. "He looks fantastic. He's got to keep it down so he's ready to go. If he wants to rush the passer, he's got to stay at that weight."

Rushing the passer is not something he has been asked to do a ton. He has been taken off the field in nickel packages, and that continues to be the case. However, he has been asked to do it. Last year, according to Pro Football Focus, he rushed the passer 155 times of the 428 snaps he was on the field. While he did not log a sack in 2012, he did hit the quarterback twice and get credit for four hurries.

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