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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: Reggie Walker, Rob Housler stand out during Fan Fest

The rest of the the players did what the coach thought they would.


In my Fan Fest observations, I pointed out that both Reggie Walker and Rob Housler stood out for the plays they made. Based on comments made by Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, those thoughts were right on target.

When asked about going back and looking at the tape from Tuesday night's practice, Walker's name was the first one he mentioned, saying he "had an outstanding night."

Walker picked off a pass and batted down multiple passes, looking great in coverage.

On offense, he hesitated a bit when asked who offensively stood out.

He thought that Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald "had a decent night together."

But it was tight end Rob Housler that got the most praise.

"Robby Housler had an unbelievable night just like I thought he would," said Arians. "He got good mismatches, got down deep, got some some short balls."

Quarterback Carson Palmer also praised Housler.

"He's a special player," said Palmer of his tight end. "I think he's going to open some eyes this year.

"He's in a really good offense. There's a lot of stuff for him, but he's also a mismatch. He's so fast and quick. Guys are going to have a difficult time and he can also get down the line of scrimmage and block pretty well. I'm excited for Rob."

That isn't to say that there weren't other good things that happened, but those two were the ones that got mention. He said that "everybody picked up their tempo" in the practice at the stadium and that, aside from Walker and Housler, "the rest of the guys did what [he] though they would."

In about five weeks, training camp begins and we will get to see the team with pads on, which will be a completely different story.

Can you wait?

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