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Mount Rushmore of Cardinals

ProFootballTalk has dwindled their participants to 12 players in the franchise's history that best exemplifies the club. Now vote the final four.


Little over a month ago, Mike Florio's ProFootballTalk asked constituents of each NFL team to replicate, if they could, the four presidents on the South Dakota monument with their faces of their particular franchise.

And yesterday, the staff at PFT narrowed it down to 12 possible candidates for the Cardinals.

Who's on your Cardinals' Mt. Rushmore?


And while there seems to be some really good CHI/STL/ PHO/ AZ players that were left off: Larry Centers, Don Coryell, Charlie Trippi, Roy Green, Neil Lomax, Conrad Dobler , Jake Plummer and Terry Metcalf to name just a few (ha!), they did select Jackie Smith (whom I will always associate as a Poopkicker dropping a Super Bowl TD pass), Ken Gray, as I'm assuming is Mel Gray (Really? Shows more disrepect from the East Coast media - and evidently is my proofreader.) and Pat Tillman-- who I love and totally get as a person-- but as a player... this one is hard and sure to have many winning debatable points either way.

Anyway, be sure to cast your vote on the site where it counts. But on a more closer level that relates to this site, who should be in the final four?