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For Carson Palmer, time off after mini-camp is not really time off

The Cardinals starting QB will be continuing his preparation until training camp begins.


After practice on Wednesday, Carson Palmer was asked about his plans after mini-camp. Thursday marks the final practice of the offseason and the players are technically off until they report for training camp in late July.

However, time off isn't time off for Palmer. "After this camp, this is not five weeks off," he said. "We've got a lot of work to do getting ready coming into training camp."

Palmer will spend the next five weeks going back to spend time with his family in California. He will also spend some time here in Arizona and he will travel to Minnesota to work out with Larry Fitzgerald.

What exactly will he do?

"Watch all these practices, study all these practices, study all the installs and go back over some games from last year when Coach was in Indy." Palmer explained. "So, a lot of work just getting ready for training camp."

As fans, you want to hear this. It shows that he is dedicated. His family is probably ok with it. And while Palmer is not actually taking time away from football, that doesn't mean that he could not get some good family time in, as it will be the last time he gets good family time until next year. It just means that he will take work with him.

In terms of football players, now is not the time to be "relaxing." That is what players do after the season ends. They take time away from the game and let their bodies rest. Now, while they are not doing organized workouts for the team, they still need to have a workman's attitude.

That seems to be Palmer's expectation of his teammates.

"I won't be taking any time off, and I don't think that guys will be or should be taking time off."

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