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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: Carson Palmer impressed in all phases of the offense

The quarterback likes what he sees in the offense he is learning.


Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer has been learning a new offense all this offseason, and it has him excited, as he has stated more than once. After Wednesday's practice, he explained how he is very excited about every phase of the offense.

"There's some really good stuff in the running game," he told reporters. "There's some really good schematic things in the protections. There's a lot of opportunities to throw the ball down the field, but there's also a lot of opportunities to get completions and consistently move the chains. There's some really good third down sets. Everything -- third down stuff, red zone stuff."

It is nice to hear from a quarterback about the running game. Considering the problems with the offensive line last season, it is refreshing to hear about good schemes for protecting Palmer.

He can't quantify exactly how much he and the rest of the team has learned.

"We are learning so much every day," he said. "We've put in so much and we've repped it so many times that things are definitely starting to click."

Now, there was really nowhere to go but up offensively after the dreadful season the unit had in 2012. But while it is premature, you can't help but get excited for the season to see what this offense will achieve.

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