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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp concludes on deciding kick

Backup kicker Will Batson's field goal ends practice early.


The Arizona Cardinals concluded their final mini-camp practice on Thursday, officially ending the offseason schedule. The practice, which was scheduled to end at 11:00AM, came to a close early, but with a flare.

About a half hour into practice, after some initial walk-throughs, the team cheered on backup kicker Will Batson, who would attempt a field goal that would determine whether camp ended or if they would continue practicing. He hit it and immediately he was the most popular guy on the team because practice, and mini-camp, was over.

"If I didn't make it, we would just practice more.

After the kick, the TV crews were there to grab him and he said there was "a little bit" of pressure, but nothing too big.

After all, "if [he] didn't make it, [they] would just practice more." That's not exactly the biggest deal.

However, for a brief moment, Batson, who is a longshot to make the team, had a chance to make himself known to the whole team.

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