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Can the Arizona Cardinals turn around their misfortunes at drafting a quarterback?

The history they have had is...bad.


Revenge of the Birds very own Alex Mann has taken the time to dredge through the history of Arizona/Phoenix Cardinals quarterbacks.

To say that the list was a who's who of suck is an understatement.

There is commonality amongst what Mr. Mann noted about all the previous quarterbacks, and it is something that no fan should be ok with any more.

The Cardinals have had 27 different quarterbacks take snaps from the position, and of those 27, only six were drafted in the third round or earlier by the Cardinals.

I want you to think about that for a minute while you look at this list of talents:

1988 Round 3: Tom Tupa
1992 Round 2: Tony Sacca
1995 Round 3: Stoney Case
1997 Round 2: Jake Plummer
2002 Round 3: Josh McCown
2006 Round 1: Matt Leinart

As you look up the combined suck of quarterbacks on this list two things come to mind:

1. How come the Cardinals can't scout quarterbacks?

2. How come the Cardinals, a team with a history of exactly ZERO franchise quarterbacks, even the great Neil Lomax can't be considered a franchise quarterback because of the brevity of his career, do not draft quarterbacks?

Why have the Cardinals saddled themselves with a continued line of retreads, projects, and career backups at the most important position on the roster?

When Steve Keim took over I had a hope things would be different, and so far at positions outside of quarterback, that has happened.

They bucked conventional wisdom and took a guard at seventh overall, passing on more "impactful" positional needs.

Then in round three they showed their willingness to gamble, and took maybe the best playmaker in the secondary in the draft by taking Tyrann Mathieu.

As I said though, they didn't address the quarterback position in the draft.

I know what people are saying, "There wasn't a quarterback worth taking," blah, blah, blah.

Yet the Cardinals sit with Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley as they two quarterbacks backing up an aging Carson Palmer.

While it's early, and I'll give this regime some time, the quarterback position cannot continue to be ignored by bringing in stop gaps and fill-ins and expect things to be ok.

Crossing fingers that Carson Palmer is able to stretch the end of his career to more than three productive years is not a plan at quarterback.

In turn, hoping that this quarterback class continues to progress and yields multiple first, second or third round options in the 2014 draft, and that they'll have the opportunity to take one that fits Arians theme of quarterback play is not exactly a plan for the future.

The inability to find a franchise quarterback has hindered the Cardinals from ever taking the next step to being an annual contender.

Is there an answer to the problem in the 2014 NFL Draft?

Maybe, but that's not really the question right now, the question is will the new regime make an effort to find that player in the NFL draft soon?

Will they make drafting a quarterback early a priority until they find an answer not just in the short, but also the long term?

For the sake of franchise stability, I hope so.

Editor's Note: A good question brought to me on Twitter: How many seasons do you think Arians/Keim get to find that quarterback?