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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: Final message to players is move forward

Echoing his quarterback's comments, Bruce Arians expects players to continue to work.


On Wednesday, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer said that he wouldn't be taking time off with the five weeks left until the start of training camp, and that his teammates should not take time off. After the conclusion of mini-camp, head coach Bruce Arians echoed those sentiments.

"It's very important for us to progress moving forward from here to training camp, not go backwards or stay where we are at," he told reporters, telling them that that was the message sent to the players.

"We have to continue to improve and we can't come back and start over," he continued. "We've got to be able to have everything right where it is or better."

One thing that Arians noted was that the team needs to get in better shape. "One thing we learned in having two practices on each field is we're not in the best shape and we've got to get in better condition to play as fast as we want to, especially offensively," said Arians.

Palmer will be getting together with Larry Fitzgerald and other receivers in the next few weeks.

It is human nature to get time off and just relax. If the Cardinals do that over the next few weeks, then they will have one unhappy coach, and those players will be behind the eight-ball, so to say when camp hits.

Work out or else, is what the coach is saying.

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