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Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and others to work out in Minnesota

The offseason work will continue


Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald praised his quarterback for his work ethic and professionalism after the completion of mandatory mini-camp.

"He's all about ball," Fitz said about Carson Palmer. "He's got three kids and a wife, building a house in San Diego. There's a lot of reasons why he wouldn't want to leave, but it's a testament to his dedication to this team and this group."

The two will continue to work out together. Fitz will take the trip down to San Diego for a bit, but most of the work will happen in Minnesota, where Fitz traditionally hosts offseason workouts.

"It's not only him (Palmer), it's going to be Drew (Stanton), it's going to be Ryan Lindley," explained Fitz. "It's going to be all the receivers and tight ends. Guys are making a conscious effort to go up there and work at it. That's what it's all about."

The reason why they are all going to Minnesota?

That is because the University of Minnesota allows Fitz and the players to use all their facilities -- their practice fields, the indoor practice field, the weight room, the hot and cold tubs. They give the players full access. "It's like moving Tempe to Minnesota," the receiver explained.

The CBA does not allow players to use team facilities during this final stretch before camp opens, so it is great to see that so many of the players will be heading up to work with Fitz.

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