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Arizona Cardinals mini-camp: Kevin Minter likes to hit people

While it wasn't good for offseason work, you'e going to like this kid.


During this offseason, almost all the attention on the players that the Arizona Cardinals drafted has been focused on Jonathan Cooper and more so on Tyrann Mathieu. One guy that would be easy to forget about is linebacker Kevin Minter, as he is behind a bunch of established players at his position.

However, Bruce Arians was asked about him after mini-camp was complete, and what he said will get you fired up about him as a football fan.

Arians said "it is hard to tell" how much he had progressed. But you'll love this...

"He's a thumper and he thumped way too many guys yesterday, so I had to pull him out of the drill," said Arians. "We don't tackle this time of year, but I love his intensity."

"I'll be shocked if he doesn't hit people."

Well...isn't that what we want from an inside linebacker? So come training camp and the preseason, watch out. He's going to hit some guys.

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