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Darnell Dockett uses football to hurt people...morally?

He was on Twitter saying outlandish stuff again.

Christian Petersen

Remember when Darnell Dockett said that he was getting off Twitter? It didn't last forever. In fact, he was back to tweeting things that you might question.

Here was the latest

Now, this really isn't too surprising, but with the current climate in football about player safety, this really will raise eyebrows.

It wasn't too long ago when he was attacked as a dirty player.

Now, most football players will tell you that they want to make other players hurt. They want to cause pain. But they don't want to injure players, if you can get the difference. They want the opponent to feel like he doesn't want to get up and go another play.

Now, Dockett's tweet does make it sound like he wants to do bad things.

Does it cross a line? He says what a lot think, but the concern for player safety these days makes this a bit uncomfortable.

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