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Bruce Arians holds players accountable for mental mistakes

It's pretty old school, but subtle shame in front of teammates is effective and builds the team up.


Head coach Bruce Arians does not like mental errors. "I put as much on mental mistakes as I do physical mistakes," he told reporters on Thursday. This is how he handles mental mistakes, by using an "accountability sheet."

"Every mental error gets put up in front of the team. It's called an accountability sheet. Not to me, it's to the guys sitting next to you in the room. If you're up there too much, we've got a problem. Either you've got a learning problem that we as coaches have to fix, or you've got a study problem and you need to study. If that's happening, all the players will take care. If it's a wide receiver, Fitz, let's get this guy right or Darnell, let's get this young guy right. It's usually not a veteran guy."

Now, this is not a new tactic. Ron Wolfley, in his tangential discourses he sometimes has on the radio, has talked about things like this. This doesn't mean that this has not been done before in recent years, it's just that we now know about it. And the best part is that he is leaning on player leaders to do the talking.

We know that this would be effective. How would you like to have all your mental errors on a board for all your coworkers to see? That would definitely be a motivator to do better. But that only works well if there is a true team setting, where you all have each other's back and you can count on the others to support you and help you.

Will it cut down on mental errors? Hopefully. Does it won over fans? I think so.

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