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Arizona Cardinals offseason: Every day is an evaluation

The Cardinals coaches pay attention to what the players are doing every day


At the conclusion of mini-camp, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about the progress the players made. Since there were no pads, as defined by the CBA, they were limited in what they could do.

"I know how good they play soccer right now," he said. "Football is a noise level game and the noise level scares some guys. Other guys love it and that's what we've got to find and that's when we make the football team and that will define us - physicality."

That prompted the question about what he looks for in evaluating a player -- more in practice, or if the preseason showings matter most.

"Every day is a situation where we're evaluating people," he explained. "In a meeting, everything they do, and it shows up in about 20 or 30 plays in the preseason game. Some guys can have a great camp and not have a spectacular preseason game, but you know what he's got. Every day's an evaluation."

It is much like prepping for the draft. You take the Combine, but you also consider the game tape and the information you get from interviews and research.

When formulating the final roster, you have to know the type of player he is in the classroom, on the practice field and under the lights.

As for physicality, expect a physical camp. Arians wants to know what they will do with the noise level.

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