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Nate Potter at right tackle: What could it mean?

There are a few options

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One thing that stood out during the last week of offseason work was the fact that Nate Potter was neither at left tackle nor with the second team. It started out with his splitting time with Bobby Massie at right tackle with the first team and at second team left tackle during Fan Fest. Then, during the open parts of Wednesday's and Thursday's practices, Potter worked exclusively at right tackle with the first team while Massie was at left tackle on the second team.

Bruce Arians said that his linemen have to "swing," but there could be a number of reasons why the change happened.

AZCentral's Kent Somers gave three very possible reasons for the change, one likely, another plausible and one unlikely. They involved positional flexibility, possibly starting Potter over Massie and getting rid of Levi Brown.

Now, based on things Arians has said, he made it sound like it is simply moving guys around. This way both Potter and Massie have had looks at tackle on either side. Daryn Colledge has been moved from left guard to right guard and will get looks at center.

There is another possibility. While the team might not looking specifically at starting Potter over Massie, it may simply be trying see where they might be able to play him. Potter has been mentioned by name a few times this offseason, and yet he doesn't seem to have a place on the starting line. Levi Brown has been described as elite, so clearly, they do not feel that Potter is better than Brown. Massie played great late in the season, but they may just want to see if Potter perhaps is better than Massie there.

Potter's name has come up as well as a possibility to play guard.

I get the impression that they really like him, so they are giving him looks at other positions to see if he would be a better option -- not that they think he is, but that they just want to have a look.

They have spoken about putting their five best linemen out there. It just appears like the team wants to see if he is or if he falls just short as almost top five or clearly number six.

What do think? Simple flexibility? Possible cutting of Levi Brown? Possible starter over Massie? Or just trying to find a place for him, even though it doesn't look like he cracks the lineup in 2013?

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