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Arizona Cardinals not giving up yet on Ryan Lindley

Despite the terrible game tape, Cardinals brass sees a player they still can develop.


Everyone saw it. Ryan Lindley had a terrible 2012 season. He never found the endzone, except for a couple of interceptions that went the other way. And yet, of all the quarterbacks to stay on the roster after last season, he is the only one left.

Why is that?

The Cardinals leadership still see potential. Darren Urban wrote a piece for the team's official site that focused on Lindley and the smarts that he has.

For general manager Steve Keim, it comes down to this -- potential.

"When we looked at the ‘ups,' we saw some of the things with his arm strength, potential accuracy, and some of the throws he made that were impressive," Keim said. "He had the natural tools and the physical skillset to become a solid player. It's just going to take time and coaching and we felt like having (QB coach) Freddie (Kitchens) and (coach) Bruce (Arians) and (offensive assistant) Tom Moore, where better could a guy like that develop? That was a major reason we felt comfortable moving forward with Ryan."

Now, there are plenty here on the site that think he is absolute trash. And his game tape will mostly confirm that. However, there is a little something. Remember that fourth down throw in Atlanta that Larry Fitzgerald normally hauls in, but in this case does not? That was as good a throw as any QB in the league could make. Lindley did that. That is in him.

Remember -- Steve Keim was part of the group that drafted him. I don't think that he is ready to give up on him. So for those who think that he is a sure fire goner, certain to be cut by the end of the preseason, I beg to differ. While Caleb TerBush might be intriguing as an undrafted rookie, it is going to take a lot, in my opinion, for him to overtake Lindley.

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