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Arizona Cardinals offseason talk with a St. Louis Rams podcast

It's stuff you have probably heard me say/write, but take a listen.

Christian Petersen

Despite being in the slow time in the offseason, fans are already thinking ahead to the regular season and want to get early scouting reports on their teams' opponents. Such was the case, as I was asked to be a guest on a St. Louis Rams fan podcast from

The questions are pretty straight forward -- I give reactions to Bruce Arians, to Jonathan Cooper over Chance Warmack, to the free agents lost or cut, to Carson Palmer, to the additions and other stuff.

One thing I just didn't know was the origin of this site, whether it was brought in from elsewhere or started by SB Nation. The very first post was no help. I did the best I could. Maybe someone knows, old timers?

Anyway, if you want to hear the entire show, you can do it a couple of ways.

Listen with the embedded player or clicking here for a direct link. My segment starts at about 9:30 into the show.

There was one tidbit about the Rams had not heard. At the start of OTAs and mini-camp, the team, by design, had signed none of their draft picks. They wanted all their rookies, drafted or undrafted, in the same boat -- hungry and not rich.

As for what I said, what would you have said differently?

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