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Josh Freeman to Arizona: Does that make any sense?

An article on NFL Mocks has shed some light on a move that would make little sense for Arizona.


In case you don't read over the Bird Droppings posted every morning, here's the link to the article that got me thinking about next free agency period.

In the article, they talk about Greg Schiano's, "dislike" of Josh Freeman. it is not a dislike as in "he's a horrible quarterback", but dislike in the form of not liking the way Freeman plays. They also throw in the Cardinals as a potential landing spot. Now I have always like Freeman, I think he's got all the talent to be a really good QB, but up until last season, lacked the tools, similarly to Sam Bradford.

With Schiano drafting Mike Glennon, and with Freeman's contracting coming to an end during the 2014 offeseason, he's likely to be let go. Now let's look at Arizona. We went out and acquired Carson Palmer via trade, and signed Drew Stanton during free agency. Palmer, we all know, is nothing but a stop gap. Stanton is likely to get a shot to earn a starting role once Palmer is done in the desert and the team will draft someone. However, would the Cardinals pursue Josh Freeman?

My thinking is no. Why go out and get a guy who likely won't battle for the starting role until Palmer falters, or we let him go. He would likely be the third guy on the depth chart, seeing as Bruce Arians only raves about Drew Stanton, and if he were to hit free agency, he would want some solid money.

It all comes down to how this year goes down. Will Josh Freeman light it up with his new toys, or will he fall on his face? Will Carson Palmer be what Cardinal fans want him to be, or will Arizona have 2012 part deux?

While I would absolutely love to have Josh Freeman come to Arizona, with the way things are set up, the scheme, the quarterback situation, the possibility of him landing in the desert is very, very slim.