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Who would be part of the Arizona Cardinals anti-Mt. Rushmore?

There has been talk about who are the good symbols of the organization, but who would be the most infamous?

Jamie Squire

After PFT has run the series for each NFL team, trying to find their Mt. Rushmore, it generated a lot of thought around the Web. It generated some talk here.

But let's take a different turn.

Since coming to Arizona, who would be the most infamous, the most disliked members of the Cardinals?

Some examples could be Buddy Ryan, Leonard Davis, Derek Anderson, Aaron Francisco. Could Bill Bidwill be part of it?

As a sort of community activity, let's decide who would be the symbols of dislike for Cardinals fans.

I've given a few suggestions, but what I would really want is for you to give names as nominations in the comments below. We will take those nominations and then make them part of a poll. We will eliminate names until we have our top four.

So, now you tell us all -- who are your most disliked Cardinals players, coaches or front office members?

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