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Bruce Arians praises Tyrann Mathieu in TV interview

He speaks of his ball skills and closing speed.


In his interview on NFL AM on Wednesday, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu. Arians had words of praise for the rookie.

"It wasn't two or three practices when he was up on the first team working with the veteran secondary and getting his hands on a lot of balls," said Arians. "They guy's got amazing instincts and closing speed."

Mathieu, while only a third round pick, is the rookie that will get the most attention all season, due to the off the field issues he is recovering from and also because of the highlights he put on field in 2011 at LSU.

Mathieu us serious about getting better.

He tweeted this the other day.

He threw out the first pitch on Tuesday at a Diamondbacks game.

Will he see significant playing time on defense this season? It wouldn't surprise me.

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