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Video: Tyrann Mathieu throws out first pitch at Diamondbacks game

The rookie gets to represent the entire rookie class at the baseball game.

When the Arizona Cardinals rookies were recognized by the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday, it was rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu that got the call to throw the first pitch.

Earlier in the day, he wondered how hard he would throw the ball.

Apparently, as Paul Calvisi notes on Arizona Sports, Mathieu played baseball in high school.

He warmed up with Josh Collmenter and threw the pitch to Patrick Corbin. You will note -- the pitch was not an embarrassment. That is important. Too many famous people and athletes have made fools of themselves bouncing the ball to the plate, missing the player completely, and more.

In a way, it is fitting. While he was not he highest pick by the Cardinals, he is and will be the one to get the most notoriety -- hopefully for good. Of course it would be him to throw out the pitch.

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