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Larry Fitzgerald: Too much salary?

The Arizona Cardinals All-Everything wide receiver is coming to a financial crossroads soon.


The plain fact is Larry Fitzgerald, while making plenty of coin in recent and subsequent seasons, is eventually going to hit the point of no return where need is going to exceed value. Could that precipice be shorter than you think?

That opinion arose while reading Darren Urban's blog and a comment came about which stated some mostly accepted facts:

1.) Fitzgerald is going to make a lot of money the next few seasons.

2.) The "dead money salary cap hit" more than likely eliminates a trade on the Cardinals' side.

3.) Even if trade partner could be found, what could be expected in return for a high-priced veteran? Probably not much.

4.) The NFL salary cap is predicted to be relatively flat next season - which would probably preclude a contract renegotiation until after the new TV contracts kick in, presumably 2015. Plenty of time to figure out if Micheal Floyd is the answer to be Fitz's replacement and whether Andre Roberts and/or Carson Palmer will get raises-- taking up more of the NFL's mandated salary ceiling.

5.) History, while more favorable lately, tends to frown on receivers after the age of 30. Yet, Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Jimmy Smith, etc.. have had stellar careers while being on the downside of the average NFL age. So there's more chance for success than failure.

6.) Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions are in the same boat with his recent signing and not much bluster has been blown there.

7.) Why in the heck would you trade the "face of the franchise"?

8.) The editor of this site would pronounce such a trade as poppycock:

So, in one Urban's favorite phrases, let's pump the brakes on Fitz leaving. The only caveat I could see is if he refused an extension and asked out, but that would be uncharacteristic of him.

Chances of Larry Fitzgerald leaving?

Conjuring up Darren again... 3.76%.