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Stepfan Taylor talks about transition to NFL

The Cardinals fifth round pick sits down with Dan Rubenstein at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

Last month, when the NFL rookies were at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, SB Nation Studios sat down with a whole bunch of the players. Andre Ellington, whom the Cardinals drafted in the sixth round, was one of those players.

Another running back, Stepfan Taylor, sat down with SB Nation.

He talked about the transition to the NFL, which was a little hard to go over because at the time he was still in classes. He has since graduated, but his first few weeks in the pros was like college -- going to class and studying a playbook.

He said that the offense that the Cardinals run is similar to Stanford's. This is also something that Bruce Arians has said, but that the terminology is very different.

The best line Taylor said was this: "What was the point of going to Stanford if I wasn't going to graduate?"

He seems really grounded. No dumb purchases, no crazy reaction. He seemed to always feel like he was going to make it.

My one disappointment? No mention of KULABAFI, his alter ego. I wonder if that will disappear now that he is in the pros.

What do you think of the rookie?

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