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Tim Tebow and the real reason the Patriots signed him

In the newest "Dan on Fire" segment, some major truths are being shared.

OK, I know. Tim Tebow isn't an Arizona Cardinals quarterback. But I had to share this. Not because it is great football analysis, but because it is funny and out of left field.

Dan Rubenstein, one of our SB Nation Studios talking heads, shares his "Dan on Fire" take and it goes into the real reason why Tim Tebow was signed by the New England Patriots (side note: I literally typed Arizona Cardinals instead of the Patriots -- how crazy would that have been if it were true?).

You know it isn't to be a quarterback, unless Tom Brady were to die and they pumped his DNA into Tebow's mind and body.

There is a strange thought that Bill Belichick was ahead of the game -- Rob Gronkowski just had back surgery and Aaron Hernandez might be in the middle of some murder. His two big tight end weapons are not in good places right now.

Enter Tebow, who has said he won't change positions. Belichick can change that, though. He did turn Troy Brown into a defensive back and Mike Vrabel into a (at least part-time) tight end. Tebow would be the next one.

But that isn't it. Watch the video. React (good or bad) and comment (or just plain mock)