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Cardinals 53 Man Roster: Defensive Edition

Darren Urban has complied his list of starters, so it's time to wrap up the segment with my list.

Name Age Experience
Calais Campbell 26 6
Darnell Dockett 32 10
Frostee Rucker 29 8
Matt Shaughnessy 26 5

Defensive Ends:

Yes that is only four, but with Bruce Arians signing players who can play multiple positions will help out. Dockett is likely to play inside as well, but I see him starting at DE for now.

Name Age Experience
Dan Williams 26 4
David Carter 25 3
Padric Scott 23 R

Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle:

The two guys who played last year remain, but we add in Padric Scott. He's probably likely to make the PS instead of the 53, but I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his way onto it.

Name Age Position Experience
Daryl Washington 26 ILB 4
Karlos Dansby 31 ILB 10
Kevin Minter 22 ILB R
Jasper Brinkely 27 ILB 5
Sam Acho 24 OLB 3
Lorenzo Alexander 30 OLB 7
O'Brien Schofield
Alex Okafor
22 OLB R
Reggie Walker 26 ILB/OLB 5
Colin Parker 24 ILB/OLB 1


Schofield will backup Alexander, with Okafor backing both of them up. I keep Walker and Parker because despite the fact that Walker was running behind Parker, he's to much of a special teams ace to let go, and he was also getting work at OLB. Parker was playing ahead of him during workouts but I expect that to change in Training Camp.

Name Age Position Experience
Patrick Peterson 22 CB 3
Antoine Cason 26 CB 6
Jerraud Powers 25 CB 5
Justin Bethel 23 CB 2
Javier Arenas 25 CB 4
Rashad Johnson 27 S 5
Tony Jefferson 21 S R
Yeremiah Bell 35 S
Tyrann Mathieu 21 S R

Defensive Backs:

Javier Arenas will play on special teams. Antoine Cason starting opposite of Peterson is only a dream because I don't see him sneaking his way as a starter.

Well somewhere along the line I made a mistake, because I only have 2 Roster positions open. This is why I remove one of our Offensive Linemen, Senio Kelemete sadly, so we can open up the last three positions, Kicker, Punter and Long-Snapper... Which are all locks with

Jay Feely- Kicker

Dave Zastudil- Punter

Mike Leach- Long-Snapper

And the conclusion to the segment... Drum Roll please...

Name Age Experience Position
Dan Giordano 23 R OLB
Javon Harris 22 R S
Alex Gottlieb 22 1 TE
Kyle Auffray 26 R TE
Michael Rios 23 R WR
Jaron Brown 23 R WR
Adam Bice 23 R C
Ronnie Yell 23 R CB

Practice Squad:

Rios and Brown are loaded with potential and we run the risk of Brown being snatched from the PS. Gottlieb is the likely replacement of Mike Leach, and would possibly play TE. Auffray is a RAW pass catcher and a year on the PS would do him good. I have Harris on here instead of the 53, because I feel like Jefferson is more likely of the two to make the roster , thus putting Harris on the PS.

So what are your thoughts? I apologize for the miscalculation of Roster Spots. Does the Defensive Side of the ball sound right? If not who would you replace?