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Bruce Arians admits being worried about Ryan Swope

Ryan Swope has missed a lot of time, perhaps too much time.

Christian Petersen

The Cardinals fanbase was excited when the Cardinals drafted Ryan Swope, but we were also concerned following his past with concussions. He claimed he was ready to go, had been cleared by doctors, and told us he had never missed a start with a concussion.

Everything appeared to be true, until Larry Fitzgerald let slip that Swope had begun missing practice time with symptoms from his concussions. We let it slide thinking, "Oh he'll be back soon, it's temporary". That quickly diminished when we got into Minicamp, and Ryan Swope was still nowhere to be found.

It did not help that Arians was keeping it all hush-hush, saying that it's the offseason and teams did not have to release injury reports. But now he's finally coming out stating that he is worried about Ryan Swopes health. As indicated by Arians in a recent interview with's Ian Rapoport.

"We were very, very, very surprised about it," coach Bruce Arians told's Ian Rapoport on Friday. "I'm not sure what he can do, I'm not sure what the doctors are going to do at this point. I hope ... because the kid is a great talent, and it would be a shame. But having Austin Collie last year, go through this same thing, it's scary."

If you know of Austin Collie, you know he's an incredibly talented WR, who has been plagued by freak concussions, while also taking huge hits to the head. This is eerily similar to that of Ryan Swope. Collie only managed to play one game with the Colts last year, and is now a Free Agent. He plans to attempt a comeback.

Does this mark the demise of a promising young receiver? No. He could take this season off, by being placed on IR, and comeback next season, free of any sort of concussion symptoms. But it's cause for concern that he hasn't taken a single snap in a game since January 4th, and is suffering from lingering effects.

We have talented guys all chomping at the bit to make the 53 man roster. If Swop is unable to go, we put him on season ending IR, and choose from a plethora of talented UDFA's or even sign a vet who can come in and compete.

So what say you ROTB... What should we do with Ryan Swope?