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Arizona Cardinals refuse to speak of rebuilding, want to win now

Head coach Bruce Arians isn't going to consider "rebuilding."


When the Arizona Cardinals hired Bruce Arians as their head coach, one of the criteria that was used to make the hire was getting results right away. Team president Michael Bidwill cited the quick turnarounds of Seattle and San Francisco, desiring the same thing for his team.

Arians was interviewed by Ian Rapoport and stated that the team is not using the word "rebuild" to describe what they are doing.

"Just like last year with the Colts, we refused to use that world 'rebuild,' " Arians said. "It's reload. We're in it to win now."

This isn't the first time we have heard it. Arians has said it. Carson Palmer has said it. Neither are young by NFL standards. They would like to "ride off into the sunset together."

I know it is a simple thing to do for motivational purposes. It is easier to get veteran buy in when you say "reload" because "rebuild" seems to connote that will take years.

Truthfully, it is the same thing. Plus, the team isn't just "reloading." They are trying to win now and sustain it, which is a rebuild. They are trying to build through the draft and also win with young contributors.

They certainly have a tall task. They are in a very, very tough division. When the Colts pulled off a nine game improvement, it came in a relatively weak division.

However, the pieces are in place.

I have said before, most recently in the Rams podcast appearance, that I would not be surprised with as little as five wins or as many as 11 wins. It would take a lot going wrong (like last year) to get five and pretty much everything going as well as it could to get 11, but I wouldn't be surprised if they got that many wins.

What about the rest of you? Do you buy that they are trying to win now? Are they perhaps sacrificing the future to win now?

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