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Is Ryan Swope another case where the Arizona Cardinals miss an important sign in the NFL Draft?

The sixth round selection of the Arizona Cardinals hasn't been practicing because of previous head injuries. What other draft choices would the team forgo if they knew then what they know now?

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Christian Petersen

With the information that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Ryan Swope is awaiting medical clearance from doctors on his concussion problem and that the team was "surprised" of the possible consequences even when drafting him, led me to look back at other Cardinals picks that maybe wouldn't have made with foresight:

1988: Tony Jeffery

3 carries for 8 yards in NFL career. For the the 38th pick in the draft.

If the team had known this, they probably would have chosen him nearer to 1,000th.

1992: Tony "The pro ball is too big" Sacca

4 for 11, 29 yards. 2 of the 11 misfires were interceptions.

The last name of this second rounder should have given it away.

1999: David Boston

The piercings, tattoos, attitude (though his father was a NFL referee) and increasing muscle mass left no questions for the 8th pick of the draft.

Later revealed for steroids. Cards front office was left gasping for what happened.

2000: Thomas Jones

Obviously should have been someone that works for an answering service.

Who knew that picking up a phone could be so difficult.

2001: Bill Gramatica

Scouts should have forewarned about after-kick celebration dances.

2003: Bryant Johnson

Dropping the pen while signing rookie contract should have been a sign.

Dropping the pen a second time should have shown a trend.

2005: Antrel Rolle

The demon is Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and somehow the front office ignored it.

Maybe should have used Hai Karate?

2006: Matt Leinart

Who knew weak-armed USC quarterbacks would struggle at the next level?

Does the light ever come on?

2007: Alan Branch

Speaking of turning the switch on.

2008: Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

Completing the Wonderlic test in crayon is probably an indicator of future results.

Color me surprised when the flaky CB was traded.

2009: Chris "Beanie" Wells

When a player uses a nickname like 'Beanie' over his given name it's always a bad sign.

I mean, just ask Darnell Dockett aka "Fart Box". It would be like former Ram QB Jim Everett changing his nickname from 'Chis" to 'Beanie'. Just doesn't make sense.

So, sometimes there comes more into scouting a player than height, weight, speed, reps and character issues.

Occasionally, you have to look outside the tackle box.