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The Arizona Cardinals Select... Supplemental Draft Edition

Optimum Scouting's eligible prospects got me looking into the possibility of Arizona taking a chance.


Over the course of the NFL supplemental draft, we have seen big name guys get drafted. Whether or not they succeed is an unknown. Take for example two guys who made the Supplemental Draft over the last two season, intriguing. Terrell Pryor, selected by the Raiders, and Josh Gordon, selected by the Browns.

Two guys, who, if they had been eligible for the NFL Draft, would have made waves. Looking throughout the 36 year history of this particular draft, the Cardinals have only taken two players... QB Timm Rosenbach in 1989 (Which was THE busiest year in Supplemental Draft history), and OG Willie Williams in 1990.

The Cardinals actually took Rosenbach in the first round of the Supplemental Draft, but in that same round, the Cowboys took Steve Walsh, and the Broncos took Bobby Humphrey.

Rosenbach had potential, but injuries cut his career short and he was out of the league by 1992.

Humphrey took off in his first two seasons in the NFL. Putting up back to back 1000 yard seasons, while making the Pro Bowl in 1990. However, while he was putting up yards, and finding pay dirt, he was also coughing up the ball at an equal rate. 17 career touchdowns, to 14 career fumbles put his career to an end in 1992.

Steve Walsh was the most success of the three. His career came to an end in 1999 but during that span, he played for six different teams, ending his career at 20-18 in terms of wins and losses.

The Cardinals took Willie Williams, the little known Offensive Guard) in 1990, in the ninth round of the Supplemental Draft. He played only two seasons in the NFL, once in 1990, playing in all 16 games, but only starting three games, and once again in 1994 for the New Orleans Saints, playing in all 16 games, and only starting in five games.

There were times over the last few years I wanted us to go draft a guy. Terrell Pryor for example. He's got talent, he's shown promise, but Ken Whisenhunt and staff didn't want to pull the trigger. This year, with a more aggressive front office and coaching staff, could we possibly see someone taken?

Optimum Scouting compiled a list of their Top Six eligible players for this years draft. The two guys I am interested in have off the field issues, but their upside is more exciting and worth the effort to whip them in to top notch American citizens.

Nick Harwell:

He's inconsistent. At least he was against Ohio State. In three years at Miami (Ohio) he caught 229 passes, 23 touchdowns, and 3166 yards. He's fast, but a little thin, as Optimum Scouting stated. He transferred to Kansas, but can enter the Draft if he is declared ineligible by Kansas.

Victor Dean:

His production in two years of playing at Fresno State is not what you would expect from a 6'6 200 pound receiver. He's played in 17 games, with only 32 catches, with 404 yards. In 2012 he suffered a broken leg in November which is cause for concern, seeing as we already have another guy who is going through injury issues.

The Supplemental Draft is quite sometime away, but these two guys interest me, Harwell with his stat line and speed, and Dean with his intangibles. It also helps because Ryan Swope is going through "headaches" and could add some dangerous depth if he cannot go.

What does ROTB say?