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6/24 Arizona Cardinals news: Closing in on the preseason, debating Cards success in 2013

Your Cardinals and NFL news round-up to start the day.


The preseason starts in just under fifty days, when the Cardinals will kick the season off against Green Bay. In an otherwise slow day, weigh in on the debate of how much success the Cardinals will have in 2013. The biggest news today might just be that most Cardinals writers had yesterday off...


Arizona Cardinals Preseason Less than 50 Days Away
While training camp starts most likely a couple of weeks before the preseason starts (camp dates have not been announced yet), as of today we are 47 days away from the Arizona Cardinals first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

Is Success in the Cards for Arizona?
If Arians can work the same magic in Arizona as he did last year in Indianapolis while Chuck Pagano was on medical leave, his doubters will fall by the wayside.

In case you missed it on RotB:

Could the Arizona Cardinals go offensively from worst 10?
Yahoo thinks we can, but is it likely?

Is Ryan Swope another case where the Arizona Cardinals miss an important sign in the NFL Draft?
A glance back on some other picks and the possible overlooked factors that have may influenced bypassing them.

Jonathan Cooper 'uncertain' how close he is to contract, says he's 'smarter than the average bear'
Fox Sports Arizona had Jonathan Cooper, the first pick taken by the Arizona Cardinals in this year's draft, on their 101 podcast.

The Arizona Cardinals Select... Supplemental Draft Edition
A look at the History of the Cardinals selections in the Supplemental Draft, and two guys who I would not mind seeing being taken.