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Final round of voting for the Arizona Cardinals anti-Mt. Rushmore

We've knocked off a few names. Cast your final vote!

Christian Petersen

In our last poll to find the ant-heroes of the Arizona Cardinals (counting only since relocating from St. Louis), there were 23 people on the list. Four didn't get any votes, while another nine didn't get more than four.

I am whittling down the list to eight names. The votes start clean. Of the people left, vote for the one that is most symbolic for the yuck that has been the history of the team since coming to our great state.

The finalists are:

  • Derek Anderson
  • Bill Bidwill
  • Wendall Bryant
  • Aaron Francisco
  • Kevin Kolb
  • Matt Leinart
  • Buddy Ryan
  • Andre Wadsworth

Cast your vote and we will reveal the names of shame.

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