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2013 Fantasy Football: Larry Fitzgerald is a round 2 receiver

Another group of fantasy football buffs believe that Fitz will be a big comeback player.

We know the story. Larry Fitzgerald had a terrible fantasy year in 2012. It was a pretty frustrating real year, too. However, Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians are going to change that, according to the fantasy football guys at CBS Sports.

These guys believe he will be the season's be resurgent veteran receiver. It was Steve Smith in 2011 with a new QB in Cam Newton. It was Reggie Wayne in 2012 with the addition of Andrew Luck. This year it will be Fitz with his new quarterback in Carson Palmer.

Interesting stat -- Fitz was the seventh most targeted receiver in the league last year. He caught about 46 percent of those targets (only two were catchable for more than 20 yards) and he was the number 41 fantasy receiver.

Interesting story -- Jamey Eisenberg spoke to Anquan Boldin about Fitz and how happy he is with Palmer. Boldin smiled and sand he's happy for his guy. In other words...WOOHOO!

The verdict? You should draft Fitz in the second round. You won't be disappointed.

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