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Darnell Dockett cuts hair, feels uncaged because of Bruce Arians

The veteran is yet another player to lose the dreadlocks.


For several years, Darnell Dockett has had dreadlocks. Joining a trend that includes Ryan Williams, Rashad Johnson and Daryn Colledge, Dockett's hair has been cut, something that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians apparently prefers (Colledge supposedly mentioned this in a recent TV interview -- I did not see it).

Dockett shared his new 'do' via Twitter, as well as some other motivating thoughts that will get you fired up for his 2013 performance.

Here is the hair:

Next are the tweets that give you some more insight into the psyche of Dockett. You can tell just how much he hated his role with Ray Horton, and you can see how much he wants to show his dominance in the league again.

Even though he didn't have the huge stats, he was very impactful in his play to start last season, and there is no coincidence that the Cardinals won when he played that way. Imagine that multiplied in 2013, where he gets to do what he does best -- disrupt things in the backfield.

If he has anything to do about it, he is going to return to the form when he was a player that offensive coaches had to account for on the field every single play.

He's excited. Are you?

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