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NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals remain near bottom of the league

Their position doesn't change after the draft or offseason workouts.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it is the offseason, but that doesn't mean that we can't rank teams. Naturally we can. Teams have had offseason voluntary workouts, which is a great measure of how teams will do. analyst Elliot Harrison put together another round of offseason power rankings, and the Arizona Cardinals still are not garnering much respect, despite getting high grades for both the draft and their work in free agency.

Harrison has the Cardinals holding steadfast to position number 26 in the league, and his commentary is focused on rookie wideout Ryan Swope.

Interesting story coming out of Arizona Cardinals minicamp regarding wide receiver Ryan Swope. The sixth-round pick out of Texas A&M is long on ability ... and maybe a little short on luck. With Andre Roberts at the 2 and Michael Floyd still developing, Swope has a real shot to make noise as a rookie. Unfortunately, lingering concussion symptoms are preventing the kid from showing what he can do. Now you know why the NFL is so strict on the helmet-to-helmet stuff. To be perfectly clear, this writer is rooting for Swope -- be it "unprofessional" or not.

Power rankings like these don't mean very much, but I do make one observation. The Cardinals are the lowest by far in the NFC West. The Seahawks and the 49ers are at the very top, but the Rams are 15th.

Obviously, it is hard to say that a 5-11 team with plenty of question marks and new leadership is going to be a great team, but it seems that Carson Palmer is not getting much respect. They are ranked as the seventh worst team, which is where their actual record put them in 2012, but that was with a bevy of injuries on the offensive line and a gaggle of quarterbacks.

You have to think that they will be better than seventh worst, but, then again, since when do the Cardinals get good attention and respect?

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