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Who will be the defensive captains for the Arizona Cardinals?

With Adrian Wilson and Paris Lenon no longer with the team, the defense will need


One of the staff writers for Turf Show Times asked me a question I had not yet thought about on Twitter yesterday.

That was a great question.

In 2012, Lenon and Wilson were the named captains of the defense.

In 2011, It was Lenon and Wilson, but also Darnell Dockett, who was named captain for the fourth straight year at the time.

Who will it be in 2013?

Typically, captains tend to be veterans who also are known by their teammates to have a very good work ethic.

Possible replacements?

There is Dockett, who seems to be revitalized with the new coaching staff and a return to the role he would prefer playing. He has been captain before and he is motivated to work hard. Plus, he has already been placed in a leadership role by head coach Bruce Arians.

There is also Karlos Dansby, who is a hard worker, is accomplished in the league and also is a team veteran, despite being a newcomer to the team all at the same time.

Yeremiah Bell is another possibility. He has been in the league a long time.

Is Patrick Peterson ready for that role? Perhaps. It is only his third year, but he should have some credibility on the defense.

Lorenzo Alexander could be a dark horse. This will be his first year expected to be a starter on defense, but he was a very well respected player in the locker room when he was in Washington. I would not doubt he also has earned respect already in Arizona.

You would have to think that Calais Campbell would also be a candidate.

Daryl Washington? I don't think there is a chance after what has happened this offseason.

My prediction? I think Dockett retains his captain's role and that Bell also is chosen by his peers.

What do you think?

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