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Arizona Cardinals players some of the best behaved in NFL

In light of the recent Aaron Hernandez arrest and talk of how many NFL players continue to have legal problems, the Arizona Cardinals have done well.


Since former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested on murder and related gun charges, there has been plenty of talk about the legal troubles of NFL players. 27 players have been arrested since the Super Bowl in Februrary.

Two of those happen to be players that were on the Arizona Cardinals roster. Javarris James, who spent last season on injured reserve, was arrested for failing to appear in court. Then there was Daryl Washington, arrested on domestic abuse charges.

However, the Cards have been one of the best teams in the league when it comes to good citizens, or rather, citizens that avoid getting arrested.

Since 2000, only 11 players for the Cards have been arrested, which is the second lowest total for a team. Only the St. Louis Rams and Houston Texans have had less arrests with nine, since the turn of the century.

Who leads the way? That would be the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings, with 40 player arrests each.

Here is a graphic to show the whole list:Fjeoslsh_png_medium


Trying to think back, I can recall James, Washington, Clark Haggans and Joey Porter. I also found J.J. Arrington and Michael Pittman (which I remember after having been reminded).

As a division, the NFC West has had the least arrests, with 53 total. In comparison, the AFC West has had 106.

The team might not have always been run all that well, but the front office has been pretty good about having guys that stay out of trouble off the field.

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